I’m Going to The Niche Parent Conference At Disney World. And You Should Too.

Last year, I attended the Niche Parent Conference in Fort Lauderdale and I was blown away by the true community that Niche Parent Conference represents. If you’re a newish blogger or thinking about becoming a blogger, I would absolutely recommend that you try to attend a blogging conference. Blogging conferences have a way of squeezing your brain like a sponge and then shaking all those loose brain juices around, and its just crazy what happens to you. You get energized. You see things you never saw before. You learn things you never had any clue about. You get inspired to take chances, risks. You meet people that want to meet you. I met people at Niche Parent last year that I am still friends with today, (yes, that would be you Aileen, Cristina and Erica!) and not just virtual friends, but when I see them in person, they’re big hug kinda friends.

If you are an experienced blogger, but have never been to a blogging conference, yes, there ARE things you can learn from a conference. Stop telling yourself that you don’t need to go. Niche Parent Conference ’14 IS for you. One of the highlights of my experience last year, was sitting on a storytelling workshop led by the amazing Rebecca E. Parsons. First of all, I had met her the day before and she had told me, “You’re going to come to my session tomorrow, right?” I am so very glad I did. To this day, every time I write, I think of her challenging me to look at my writing and to “describe the hawaiian shirt.” In her session, our little group described, then scratched out, then described, then scratched out again our depictions of that “parrot-head’s hibiscus-covered linen, worthy of a Jimmy Buffet show.”

Making the journey even sweeter, is the location. Who doesn’t want to go to Disney World? Niche Parent Conference Disney World Attendees will get a Disney World Park Hopper ticket with their registration. Listen, I know the secrets to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger  Spin and I’m not going to tell you unless you ride with me. The Niche Parent Conference is also family friendly (it being held at Disney World! OF COURSE its family friendly!). Childcare will be available during sessions, so don’t let that stop you. Book that ticket! I’ll see you there!

Niche Parent ’14 
October 16-18
Walt Disney World