25 Days of Elf on the Shelf

25 Days of Elf on the Shelf MommyMafia.comWhen I promised myself that THIS would be the year that I would really step up my Elf on the Shelf game, I started scouring Pinterest for some of the best ideas out there. I am completely in awe with the level creativity people have with all things elf. I do think it starts to become a bit of an addiction to see the thrill in your little one’s faces. If you are new to Elf on the Shelf or have even been doing this for years with your kids, you still might be looking for a few fun ideas. I figured I would round up some of the ones that I thought were really creative. With that, here’s Mommy Mafia’s 25 Days of Elf on the Shelf. Be sure to let me know what other ideas you are doing with your Elf and which one of these are your favorite!

Elf_on_the_Shelf_Selfie_with_Elsa_MommyMafia.com1. Elf on the Shelf Takes an #Elfie with Elsa from Mommy Mafia. Why take a #Selfie when you can take an #Elfie? And who better to take an #Elfie with than Disney’s Frozen Snow Queen?

elf on the shelf snowflakes2. Elf on the Shelf Makes Paper Snowflakes from Emma Klosson Photography. Making Paper Snowflakes with your child is a great activity to do during the holidays, and how fun would it be for them to find their favorite Elf making Paper Snowflakes as well? This can be done with your child’s favorite color of Paper as well to have it connect with your child even more!

Elf on the shelf snow angel MommyMafia.com3. Elf on the Shelf Makes Snow Angels from Beatrice Killam. If you and your family live in an area with snow, your children are used to making Snow Angels on their Snow Days! This is a super simple idea to make with just a little bit of clean up after!

Elf-on-the-Shelf-Moves-Out4. Elf on the Shelf Moves Out from Diary of a Working Mom. Maybe a little drastic, but this mommy was at her wit’s end and she was left with no other choice. At least “Pixie” was courteous enough to leave a note- with conditions to be met before she “returned.”

elf on the shelf rockstar5. Elf on the Shelf The Rock Star from Frugal Coupon Living. While this one is going to take a little prep work, it’s one of the cutest and creative ones I’ve seen. Tell your little one to join in on some air guitar!

elf on the shelf spiderman6. Elf on the Shelf Spiderman from Sharilyn Wells Photography. This has to be one of my favorites! I know this one would be a HUGE hit in my house, I’m just not sure where I could have his “web” hanging from. Hmmm, the chandelier maybe?

elf on the shelf googly eyes7. Elf on the Shelf Gives the Produce Items Googly Eyes from Dirty Diaper Laundry. Elf on the Shelf has found a new way to use Googly Eyes and the kids will love this! If your children love fruit, they are going to get a really good giggle out of the fact that their favorite fruits now have faces!

elf on the shelf goes fishing8. Elf on the Shelf Goes Fishing from Poofy Cheeks. I have to admit that this one gave me a good giggle when I was searching for new Elf on the Shelf ideas! This would very easy to set up with a very little work and would be a great idea to do if you family goes fishing quite a bit! I think that any little kid would love to see Elf on the Shelf go fishing!

Elf on the shelf Lego house MommyMafia.com9. Elf on the Shelf in a Lego House from Cassie Martin Photography. This is a great idea for your Elf on the Shelf if you have a Lego fan in your house as well! With this idea you can do it so many different ways to have tons of fun by creating many different ideas!

elf on the shelf butterfly10. Elf on the Shelf Flies Like a Butterfly from She Knows. Wouldn’t the Elf seem that more magical to the butterfly or fairy princess in your house? This is too sweet.

Elf on the shelf hot cocoa MommyMafia.com11. Elf on the Shelf Cocoa Party from Sweet C Designs. This would be a wonderful weekend idea for the entire family! Elf on the Shelf can throw a Cocoa Party for your family and setting this up would be easy! There are lots of different ways that you can set it up and the kids will love that their Elf will bring them delicious cocoa!

elf on the shelf Miami12. Elf on the Shelf Relaxing in the Sun from A Small Snippet. This idea is so cute and gets a little creative! From the looks of it, the Elf has had enough of the cold weather and wants to relax in the sun!

Elf on The Shelf broken arm mommymafia.com13. Elf on the Shelf with a Broken Arm from Mommy Mafia. This idea is a little different from others, but a great idea! If you have a child that has recently had a visit to the hospital or doctor, their Elf can have their own little cast to show solidarity and support for the little one! It is a great way to show the children that your Elf sees everything and is a caring character!

Elf-on-the-Shelf-Mickey Mouse Ears14. Elf on the Shelf Gets Micky Mouse Ears from Classy Mommy. If your family loves Disney, this is a wonderful idea! This would also be a very creative way to announce to the family an upcoming trip to Disney!

elf on the shelf sack race15. Elf on the Shelf Host a Sack Race from Skinny Mom. This is another wonderful way to incorporate your child’s other favorite toys into the fun that Elf on the Shelf brings! Just gather a few of your child’s favorite toys and some brown paper lunch sacks to create this cute idea!

elf on the shelf yoda16. Elf on the Shelf Gets a Yoda Costume from BenziBee. How cute would it be for your Elf on the Shelf to get a costume of his own! Every child loves to play dress up, and Elf on the Shelf wants to get in on the fun with their own little Yoda costume!

Elf on the Shelf Ninja Turtles MommyMafia.com SQ17. Elf on the Shelf Becomes a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle from Mommy Mafia. If you have little ones in your family that love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this is such a cute idea! Your Elf can have some fun hiding out with the Teenage Mutant Turtles once he has his own little mask and sword!

elf on the shelf dinosaur18. Elf on the Shelf Takes a Ride from Pop Sugar. Little kids love dinosaurs and it looks like their Elf does as well! The Elf on the Shelf can take a ride on a T-Rex or any other dinosaurs that you have in your house!

elf on the shelf glow stick19. Elf on the Shelf Plays with Glow Sticks from Over the Big Moon Maybe the Elf stayed out a little too late in South Beach partying it up with Blitzen?

Elf on the shelf takes a nap MommyMafia.com20. Elf on a Shelf Gets Some Sleep from Bombshell Bling. Your little Elf has been working so hard traveling back and forth to the North Pole that he needed to catch up on some sleep! This is an adorable idea to build your little Elf a bed with marshmallows and let him get some sleep!

Elf on the shelf The Voice MommyMafia.com21. Elf on the Shelf Auditions for The Voice from Picklehead Soup. This is an idea for Elf on the Shelf that I haven’t seen before, but would be so much fun to create! With very little supplies, you can have your Elf on the Shelf auditioning for The Voice!

Elf on the Shelf Captain America22. Elf on the Shelf as Captain America from Enza’s Bargains. For your little Super Hero fan. Click for the FREE Printable Elf on the Shelf Captain America Mask and Shield.

Elf on the Shelf on a swing 25 days of elf on a shelf MommyMafia.com23. Elf on the Shelf Wants to Swing from A Small Snippet. What a wonderful idea for your Elf to say Good Morning to your children! You can pick any doorway in your house to make this super cute Elf Sized Swing!

Elf on the Shelf reads MommyMafia.com24. Elf on the Shelf Reads to His Friends from A Bit of Bees Knees. Children love to read and this would be a fantastic way to encourage reading! Your little ones will wake up to see the Elf reading a book of your choice to his friends! You can use many different options for the book as well as the friends that the Elf is reading to!

Elf on the shelf takes a bath MommyMafia.com25. Elf on the Shelf Gets Clean from She Knows. Sometimes children do not like taking a bath, and this would be a great way to teach them that everyone must take a bath for good hygiene! This would be super easy to create with a rag and the kids would love this!

and one bonus idea that I couldn’t resist:

Elf on the Shelf YMCA MommyMafia.com26. Elf on the Shelf does the YMCA with his friends from Clearly Candace Because, hello! Its the YMCA!

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Happy Holidays!

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